1. august 2017

Dikt fra venner...

Etter en hyggelig middag med engelske venner, Jeff og Partrizia i Bolsena (Piquetto) fikk vi dette morsomme rimet på kvelden:

As i got my seat belt to fasten
I turned to say takk for maten
But way up the hill 
I saw you stood still
To hear my car engine a-fartin

It was nice to see your abode
A great effort was made and it showed
Now  next to bolsena castle
Lives a Queen who once kissed a toad
And now ever since she lives with a prince
Who is really a norwegian rascal

It wont  be the same here without you
But we have a nice friendship to drink to
We hope you relax by the sea
It's a change that will make you feel free
While we lunch at Gigetto 
And dine at Caminetto
Its an oven at forty degrees 

So soon we return to our home
In the eternal city of rome
I fear for our garden
Where the earth is all hardened
And we rely on our well 
To survive in this hell
Till next time, again, takk for maten

Ja, vi er heldig - som har blitt kjent med så hyggelige, veltalende, morsomme mennesker her i Italia !

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